The 3 P's

The Profit

Hands down, NorthPointe Hospitality understands the needs of a hotels on site staff and management, ownerships mindset and the banks long term vision.  We are experts at delivering exceptional profit margins by ensuring we are maximizing every revenue opportunity culminated with expense controls that are watched and monitored via cloud based systems on a daily basis.  We don't "hope" for good financials on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis - we MAKE them happen.  We also don't "nickel and dime" our owners and investors with a myriad of "corporate allocations".  At NorthPointe, we understand we're in the hospitality business AND in business to make money! 

The People

Invest in people and watch what happens.  Help develop confidence and watch what happens.  Support your team in tough times and champion great accomplishments and watch what happens.  Abhor and eliminate mediocrity and watch the bar get raised by the associates at THE LOCAL LEVEL.  At NorthPointe Hospitlality we understand the corporate office only exists because of our hotel associates at the local hotel level and we don't forget that.  We stay nimble so we DON'T lose touch - we are a HANDS ON organization.  At NorthPointe, "THE PEOPLE" are what make us who we are.  They create our culture and cement the foundation for everything we do as an organization now and into the future. 

The Product

When it comes to product quality and "passing" brand standards, a PASS doesn't cut it.  At NothPointe Hospitality, our goal is to be OUTSTANDING - anything less is a disappointment.  We don't tolerate mediocrity so we don't DO the "average" thing on a daily basis.  Whether it's service or product quality (and guests don't differentiate between the two) excellence is always the goal.  This will be judged by our guest scores and comments, brand inspections and Northpointe on site reviews.